Types of solutions based on solute amount

There are five types of solutions on the basis of solute amount,

Dilute Solution - A solution in which the amount of solute is much less than solvent is called a dilute solution.

(ii) Concentrated Solution - The solution in which a large amount of solute is dissolved in solvent is called a concentrated solution.

(iii) Unsaturated solution - A solution in which more amount of solute can be dissolved at the same temperature is called unsaturated solution.

Dilute solutions and concentrated solutions can be called unsaturated solutions.

(iv) Saturated solution - The maximum amount of a solute that can be dissolved in 100 grams of solvent at a certain temperature is called the solubility of solute.

Than that formed solution is called saturated solution.

(v) Supersaturated Solution – The solution in which, at a certain temperature, the amount of solute is present in more than the required amount for the saturated state of that solution, is called supersaturated solution.

In the case of oversaturation, the ionic product of the solute is greater than its solubility product.

A supersaturated solution is metastable. In a short time a large amount of solute is separated from the solution.

And the supersaturated solution becomes saturated solution.