Types of solutions based on physical state of solution.

There are three types of solutions on basis of physical state of solution.

Gaseous Solution – When two or more gases are mixed, a gaseous solution is formed.

The gaseous mixture is homogeneous.

In a gaseous solution, the solute can be a gas, a liquid or a solid, but the solvent can be only gas.

 Liquid solution - When a gas, liquid or solid is dissolved in a liquid, a liquid solution is formed.

That is, the solvent is a liquid, and the solute can be a gas, a liquid or a solid.

Solid Solution - When a gas-liquid or solid substance is randomly dispersed in another solid in atomic or molecular shape, then the solution formed is called solid solution.

 The solvent in a Solid Solution is a solid, while the solute can be a gas, a liquid, or a solid.