Naomi Judd's autopsy revealed the cause of her death.

Naomi Judd's autopsy report has been released by Nashville medical examiner's office.

This report corroborates the all statements made by her family members at the time of Naomi Judd's death on 30 April at the age of 76.

The autopsy report on Friday revealed that Naomi Judd died from a bullet injury to the head.

Naomi Judd's family said in an official statement that we always shared our joys and sorrows with her.

But there is also a part of our lives that our matriarch was crushed by an unfair enemy.

They continued their statement and said that she suffered from bipolar disorder and PTSD, which millions of Americans can understand.

The autopsy report reveals that Naomi Judd was declared unresponsive by her family at home.

After which she was transferred directly from his residence in Franklin (Tennessee) to Williamson Medical Center.

Naomi Judd was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Williamson Medical Center.

The autopsy report called Naomi Judd's death a suicide.