Financial Aid Support System FAFSA is currently down.

FAFSA is a financial aid system that provides assistance to students to attend college.

FAFSA is funded by the federal government.

Users were facing some issues with the FAFSA while applying for financial aid on 24 August.

Following this errors Users immediately began to reporting FAFSA at 11:00 a.m. on EST on Wednesday.

By around 2:00 pm, more than thousand reports related to FAFSA website had been filed on EST.

President Joe Biden held a own press conference at around 2:45pm and informed users about these issues related to FAFSA.

According to Downdetector about 79% of users were having problems logging into their FAFSA Account.

The same 18% of the users faced some other problems from the website.

Only 3% of these users reported on EST against FAFSA.