Technology Gives Softball Team An Extra Set of Eyes

Although the crew is trying to determine the ins and outs of this software program, this technique is used in every exercise and the talent is damaged directly to the naked bones. Each participant has a particular definition of high quality mechanics, as each participant has completely different benefits and desires. This season, everyone is trying to get used to the effectiveness and options of this progressive accent.

Graduate scholar Corina Gamboa pointed out that one of the biggest benefits was to correct errors in the pre-season and see her progress throughout the season.

“It has made an excellent impression on this team,” Gambo said. “I wish we had it once I was a new person, because it’s easier to see it visually than to just pass through [motion]. It gives us the power to see that we will soon What are you doing wrong, as in, throughout the season. That’s the way we’re able to increase it later.”

Gambo won’t be the only participant who is happy using this new device. Senior Tara Shoden had nothing to say about the new information and was excited about how much the software makes her better by focusing on her weaknesses as a batsman.

“Working more on the outside pitches (my focus is essential),” said Shayden. “I wrestle with it on a regular basis. It’s really serving me how I’m hitting them and if I’m doing better every day. It was just my first day that I used to be like, ‘Wow ‘I’m hitting the surface pitch so high.’ It helped me understand how I’m hitting the ball while I’m hitting it.”

Head coach Jane Fischer has been assured that this technology will continue to develop the entire team and enhance the overall quality of the athletes in the system across the board.

“I think over the past 20 years of my teaching experience, I have undoubtedly seen athletes become faster, stronger and more amazing,” Fischer said. “I think it’s because of these kinds of metrics. I think it will raise the level of athletes. I think we’ll see them grow and develop faster. I think they’re already better soon However, having this kind of information helps them move even faster.”

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