Expands Capabilities In Antibody Engineering Through Key

The firm may expand its collaboration with Halozyme to allow subcutaneous supplies for 3 more current or future Argenex product candidates. Through these partnerships, Argenx forays positive aspects into revolutionary applied science to advance its differentiated pipeline and cement its place as a leader in immunology.

“Our Immunology Innovation Program, through which we collaborate with key tutorial researchers, has been foundational in building our pipeline. With our dedication to growing and strengthening this program, we invest in our portfolio of antibody applied sciences.

These new partnerships are an important piece of technology to expand our capabilities in antibody engineering, to develop first-class drugs to tackle new targets and for victims seeking them,” said Hans. De Hard, Ph.D. , chief scientific officer of argenx. “In addition, we began the expansion of our collaboration with Helozyme to secure our means for the supply of subcutaneous supplies of current and future pipeline candidates. We are on a mission to improve the lives of those affected by extreme autoimmune diseases and most cancers and envision this long-term collaboration helping us reach as many patients as possible.”

New Antibody Engineering Analysis Agreement

argenx has signed two new analysis agreements to broaden its antibody engineering capabilities. Through these agreements, argenx can enter world-class Fc engineering applied science to enhance the therapeutic properties of future antibody candidates emerging from its Immunology Innovation Program. Applied Science FC will complement argenx’s current portfolio of Engineering Applied Sciences (NHANCE®, ABDEG™, POTELLIGENT®) and allow the firm to further differentiate and grow its pipeline of antibody candidates.

Growth of Halozyme’s Penetration in ENHANZE®

argenx and Halozyme are enhancing the prevailing global collaboration and licensing agreement, which was signed in February 2019. Under the newly launched expansion, argenx gains the power to enter for 3 more unique targets upon enrolling Halozyme’s ENHANZE® drug supply expertise, making a total of 6 potential. goals under cooperation. So far, two targets have been nominated with the human nascent Fc receptor FcRn and complement part C2.

ENHANZE® has demonstrated the power to overcome traditional limits on the amount of biologics in 5 FDA-approved goods, potentially shortening drug administration time, healthcare practitioner time, and Can provide for more flexibility and comfort.

Through its Immunology Innovation Program (IIP), partnering with key tutorial researchers, argenx is translating immunology breakthroughs into a world-class portfolio of novel antibody-based drugs in the early and late stages of scientific development. Argenex is evaluating efgartigmod in several serious autoimmune diseases, and in collaboration with Janssen is evaluating cusatuzumab in hematological cancer. argenx may advance a number of early-stage experimental drugs within its therapeutic franchise. argenx has workplaces in Belgium, the US and Japan.

forward-looking statements

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