Albuquerque City Councilor wants to use technology to stop speeding

Dashing, cruising and drunk driving are some of the common problems along the central hall. Now, an Albuquerque Metropolis counselor is hoping to tackle these driving points.

Crashes by speeders in Central and Tingley are seen from time to time. Now, Metropolis Counselor Isaac Benton hopes high-speed cameras and license readers will break into the issue.

“It is illegal and it is noisy. It is not only unsafe because of the speed, but it is a major quality of life issue for people along Central Avenue Hall,” said Counselor Benton.

During Monday night’s city council meeting, Councilor Benton said he had been working with Albuquerque police for years to attack all dangerous driving on Central. From drunken driving to avenue racing, and simply weaving in and dashing out and site visitors, Central is a hotspot.

Councilor Benton says he needs to install high-speed cameras and license readers to help build cases against repeat offenders. “We may not be able to pull them off. We start identifying them and there is evidence against them,” he says.

APD deputy chief Michael Smothers, in an address to the city council on Monday night, said he would begin working on the request and believed it could help curb the issue. Councilor Benton also had to clarify, that this was not an attack on the low rider community which cruises along Central every Sunday.

Counselor Benton was unsure of the specifics when requested whether the video could eventually lead to cameras such as crimson-like civilian citations, or bootleg vehicles.

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