ABB A New Fleet of High-Speed Industrial Robots Technology

On 1st October 2020, ABB Group acquired Kodian Robotics B.V. , recognized for its state-of-the-art, industry-leading Delta robots. Robots, we should always add, are built for high-precision decision and location purposes. Codion Robotics’ efforts are particularly well-liked in hygiene-sensitive industries, including food and beverage, as well as the pharmaceutical sectors, due to their hygienic design line of robots. This marks a special second for ABB, as an acquisition that furthers its own development in the “growing topic of delta robots”.

What is Delta Robotics

Delta Robot is truly the tripod of the world of robotics and automation. It is a type of parallel robot with three arms, inside which are parallelograms to maintain orientation, which are connected by common joints on the basis of {hardware}.

Sami Atiya, President of ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation, said, “Our acquisition underscores our focus on success, our ability to fully notice the potential of automation and improve their flexibility in a rapidly changing enterprise panorama.

Serves possibilities.” “Codion Robotics’ applied science and {industry} experience are appropriate additions to our suite of food and beverage, pharmaceutical, service robotics and logistics options, while additionally supporting ABB’s providing machine-centered robotics.”

“Over time, we have now developed an in-depth product portfolio. ABB’s stellar international presence and {industry} experience will help us make our portfolio globally accessible. I look forward to writing the next chapter of our success story.” I want to work collectively for this,” said Freak Hartmann, founder of Codeion Robotics.

As it stands, most robots that corporations use in the food and beverage {industry} are simply not designed for direct contact with food. What Kodian Robotics’ portfolio brings to market is its proliferation of robots that deliver hygiene-oriented supplies and information that allows them to be used in protected, open food processing roles – a huge deal for an {industry} There is a jump. Already most areas require hands-on, handbook work.

“There is a strong need to decide and have robots that guarantee the utmost hygienic requirements, accelerated by the pandemic. Our food and beverage, pharmaceutical and logistics prospects are particularly within the capability of automation, which enables supply chains to operate, while protecting the welfare of workers,” Atiya said.

Going forward, ABB intends to offer options to patrons and buyers alike by offering a wide variety of delta robots and built-in options on the desk. This business is an additional advance of machine-centric robotics technology, which is completely focused on making machine automation and robot management, which can be built into a single platform.

Hans Wimmer, President of ABB’s Machine Automation Division and Managing Director of B&R, said: “With Codeion Robotics we are buying one of the world’s most profitable suppliers of Delta robots with unprecedented monitoring files in the field of machine builders. Sooner or later, we can supply the full range of underlying options to our prospects – globally and for all industries.”

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